At one million dollar coin you are more than just an investor. You’re an owner.

One Million Dollar Coin is a crypto project that will rule all other cryptocurrencies. It is made and designed for holders. This makes it possible for One Million Dollar Coin to 1000X from its pre-sale price

Your investment includes a 15% fee to make the impossible possible. Together we are changing the way the world invests.

Contract address:
0xda8259040ed9c7d90e12b3b322bfe10b2eac5430 Copy

Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it

Forward Together

The owners are the heart of One Million Dollar Coin. They are the foundation of One Million Dollar Coin.

With the 15% fee that is built-in with every transaction, we develop solutions to meet the challenges ahead. We recruit the best people. We build partnerships and invest in innovation to seize new opportunities.

This is how we achieve successes together, the success that we celebrate together.

Contract address:
0xda8259040ed9c7d90e12b3b322bfe10b2eac5430 Copy

Become an owner

Our Purpose

The main purpose of One Million Dollar Coin is to support our holders. Together they are the owners of our coin. We don’t focus on charity as most coins do. Our holders are our charity. The goals of our owners are our goals. So the 15% fee we charge is used to make our holders reach their goals.

Your investment will grow along with One Million Dollar Coin. During our journey, 1000X can easily be achieved for early owners of One Million Dollar Coin. So it is possible for everyone to reach the goal of becoming a millionaire.

Together we are the best that cryptocurrency can provide.

We will be the first, the fastest, and the cheapest decentralized bank of the future with the most payment solutions. We will be available everywhere and for everyone around the world.

Contract address:
0xda8259040ed9c7d90e12b3b322bfe10b2eac5430 Copy

Our Strategy for 1000X

The Roadmap

Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe can be achieved.

2021 May
Launching the coin

Available for sale. Launch of website and social media channels.

2021 June
Speed 5X

We prepare the launch pad. We fuel the rockets and we set our course for our take-off.

2021 July
Speed 30X

From now we will spend every month million dollar on marketing. Money can't buy love, but it can get you where you want to go.

2021 August
Speed 60X

The first major exchange that invites us will receive a donation of $2.000.000.

2021 September
Speed 175X

Influencer challenges. Influencers can sign up for our promo campaign. The winners will be rewarded as follows: The first place receives $3.000.000 worth of One Million Dollar Coin. 2nd place will receive $2.000.000 and the 3rd place will receive $1.000.000. MONEY TALKS BABY!

2021 October
Supersonic engine speed 350X

Our supersonic engines turn on when our ambassador announces himself. He has influence all over the world. The crypto world will be SHOCKED!

2021 November
Speed 900X

We release our own exchange and wallet. Our community is so strong no one can stop us. We start to conquer the crypto world.

2021 December
Speed 1000X

You will start to hear people like your uncle talk about One Million Dollar Coin. Gains keep growing and we are getting ready for the next big step.

2022 Q1
Conquer the cryptocurrency market

As holders we have enough money and power. We are considered as the majority now. You will find us in every country and even on sea. During our journey we have gained enough experience to go even further. Now it’s time to make the best decentralized bank in the world together. We will make best payment solutions for the future.

Become an owner

How to buy

Contract address:

0xda8259040ed9c7d90e12b3b322bfe10b2eac5430 Copy


  1. Go to Pancakeswap and swap BNB to 1MDC.
    Go to exchange> 
  2. Set slippage: at 20%<<<<<<



Beware of Scammers! Only use our contract address that you can find on our website, don’t use an address from any other place.

Download a wallet

Download an BNB wallet like Safepal app to store your BNB safely.


There are a lot of different ways you can buying BNB. Luckily BNB has been around for a while and there are a lot of helpful guides online that help new investors buy BNB easily.

Copy the contract address

Copy the contract address and go to Pankewap

Set slippage

Set slippage at 20% when you swap.

Receive One Million Dollar Coin

You’ll receive the right amount of One Million Dollar Coin in your wallet.

CONTRACT ADDRESS 0xda8259040ed9c7d90e12b3b322bfe10b2eac5430


    The developers will have to buy their own tokens just like everyone else
    The 15% transaction fee is split as followed:
  • Marketing / influencer
  • Secure deposit for listing on a major exchange
  • Research and development

See it for yourself

LP Token Lock Information

Note: If you wish to view the LP Token Locker, then be sure your wallet is connected to DxSale otherwise the details won’t show.

A leading team is a team that knows the way, goes the way and shows the way

Your management team

One Million Dollar Coin experienced management team ensures that our operations run smoothly and efficiently. Your interest will always be their top priority. Our team is lead by the leaders listed below.

Mister X, our ambassador, will announce himself on October 10 during our own One Million Dollar show. He is one of the V.I.P in the crypto market with millions of followers.


Unmasked on Oct. 10

Chief Operating Officer

Marco Jansen

Chief Financial Officer

Sander Buitendijk

Chief Compliance Officer

Gerda Hoekstra

Marketing Director

Erwin Schilder

Human Resources Manager

Claire Fransman

Personal Assistant

Esmee Hendriks


Marco Williams

Software Architect

Andreas Johnson

Blockchain expert

Steven Waken

Blockchain Analyst

Dexter Lindeman

Blockchain Analyst

Kenji Satou
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